Find The Perfect Gift For Him

Find The Perfect Gift For Him

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, I thought I’d share some of the questions most frequently asked in regards to choosing the right gift for a man and some of the tips I’ve been giving to our Collectors for years.

How do you choose the right bracelet? 

Observe... Does he wear jewellery? A watch? Aside from a watch, anything else? Yes? Is it a piece of sentiment or one of ‘fashion’?


This will tell you if his taste is more understated/ he’s a minimalist or conversely, if he ‘Defies conventionality’- as our tag suggests- enjoying the art of accessorizing and exploring new style trends. 



What if he only wears a watch? Or he only wears a watch and a chain he got from his parents when he was 21?  

If he’s a minimalist, KEEP IT SIMPLE: select from our neutral toned signature braided leather or precious stone bracelets, opting for the latter in a smooth matte or polished finish. Also note the dominant metal tone in his watch and choose bracelets with complementing metal tones. 

If he pushes the style envelope, faceted stones are a great option!

Our round precious stones are AAA Grade and are purposely cut in 88 facets to reflect more light versus stones with the lower facet counts; These stones are more sought out for their beauty and are of course higher in value. 



If he’s a minimalist or loves accessorizing, this will also help you when deciding how many you’ll gift him. Remember- 2 is NEVER too many!


What if I can’t pin down his taste?

Our classic sterling silver and gold masculine bangles are literally a solid option for men of all tastes. 



How do I select his size for Precious stone bracelets? 

Visit our website Size Chart to use our size guide to help you select the best fit for him OR Cheat: use one of his existing bracelets to get an idea of size.

If you’re comparing one of his existing bracelets, ensure that it is his correct fit: not too snug, with the elastic straining and visible in spaces between the stones and not too loose, falling below the wrist bone towards the fingers.


*correct fit


*incorrect fit spaces in between

 *incorrect fit below wrist bone


If all fails, no worries! we custom fit after purchase all guaranteed under your warranty 🪄


What size precious stone beads should I opt for? 

Refer to our size chart online for an actual view of our precious stone sizes.

For Men with smaller to average sized wrists (7.5- 8 inches) single or layered 6mm & 8mm stones are especially flattering! 10mm stones are also a popular selection for this lot. 


For larger wrists, our 10 MM and 12 MM masculine Precious stone bracelets are most popular. Our typical collector has his bold moments and we often see them doubling up on 10 mm styles.


Still confused about all these rules? As I tell my nephew to the horror of my big sister,  



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Keep in mind THEE most important thing when selecting for him this year- What do you really want to GIVE him? and with that- view OUR PRECIOUS STONES then choose the won that’s right.

AllWays Be A Peacock Among Hens. 

Happy Today,